What Is a Merchant Cash Advance

  • MCA provides cash for your business in exchange for future credit card payments.
  • This financing option allows you to borrow against future earnings and grow your business immediately.
  • The loan is made today, and a small percentage is taken out of your daily receipts until the loan is paid in full.


  • No personal gaurantees. No Collateral. No Tax Forms.
  • Simple, confidential and quick approval process.
  • Fund and manage your operations, increase your assets and increase your sales.
  • Most companies don’t charge interest, just a small fee for the service, agreed upon beforehand.

Why use Merchant Cash Advance

  • Instant access to working capital. Increase your inventory, invest in marketing, pay your employees and more!
  • Take advantage of short-term purchasing opportunities (sales/liquidations).
  • Pay debt or a tax bill or account for unplanned expenses.

About us

Here at GetCashAdvance we provide comparison quotes from the very best cash advance providers, making it much easier for you to find the right service for your needs. This service will allow you to free up your resources and invest in growing your business. Contact us now to start benefiting instantly from merchant cash advance.

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