About Fuel Cards

  • One special card for all your vehicle needs. Convenient, fast and safe refuelling and maintenance.
  • No more hassle of using debit and credit cards. No more worries of fuel affordability.
  • Matching your fuel needs with companies that will best serve your requirements.
  • Complete monitoring of your business by updating and providing you frequent reports so you only have profits not losses.
  • Personal approach to customers so you have a sense of worth by receiving executive attention to your business.

Why Fuel Cards

  • Accepted and used in over 7,000 service stations including supermarkets, motorway services, and automotive centres.
  • Much cheaper than using your debit/credit cards and cost effective for your fuel needs. Get price notifications sent instantly to your mobile, PC or fax.
  • No pump fees. Simple invoicing and payment terms through direct debits.
  • Complete security of your business by eliminating misuse, fraud and theft. Receive weekly statements of all usage including mileage, fuel consumption, and travel itinerary, so you have peace of mind that every penny is accounted for.

Other Fuel Cards Benefits

  • Be in control of your business. No more wastage or unaccounted fuel consumptions. Access to online account management that details every transaction on your card.
  • Reduce Green house gas emissions and carbon footprint and protect the planet by conserving our rain-forests and environment.
  • Card protection with zero liability insurance. Have no worries of card theft or identity fraud.
  • Be rewarded for using your card! Get points and earn cash back. Receive complimentary services such as car and truck wash.
  • You can now use fuel card to pay for M6Toll! No more carrying cash around for toll fees.

About us

GetFuelCards is a free online service dedicated to getting you the best deals and packages that match your business, fuel and vehicle needs. We pride ourselves on being experts at finding you the correct fuel card provider, We have dedicated ourselves to commissioning full research on each provider and giving you our unbiased and credible information that will save you time and money and bring your business' best interest to hand.

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