Franking Machine Benefits

  • Budget Effectively: Stamps can get expensive when you’re sending mail and packages frequently. Instead of estimating costs, you can get the exact price with a built in scale.
  • Discounts: Royal Mail offers big discounts for customers who frank their mail.
  • Record Expenditure: Record keeping for mailings allowing you to plan your monthly costs.

Additonal Benefits

  • Easy to use: With minimal training, anyone can run a franking machine. Franked mail is approved by the Royal Mail and the machine automatically updates postage and shipping rates.
  • Branding: Franked mail looks more professional when branded with the company logo and message.
  • Save time: Save time instead of standing on line at the post office.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We provide you with Franking Machine price quotes that are personalized to your business.
  • We work with your small business to better understand your needs and can provide advice and information when needed.
  • We are certainly not going to charge you anything at any time - the entire process of finding the perfect Franking Machine vendor for your business is completely free.

About us

GetFrankingMachine is a free of charge online service that provides small and medium businesses with quotes from the best vendors nationwide, while keeping both your needs and budget in mind. Save not only money, but precious time by letting us find the Franking Machine vendors that are within your reach and suitable for your business.