What Are CRM Systems?

  • Customer Relationships Management systems manage and collate data from all of your relationships with your customers, potential customers, and from other interactions within your company.
  • CRM systems track all data from communications on mobile, email and social media, to meetings and documents, service requests, as well as customer history, contact info and more.
  • The system store this mass of data in an easily accessible way, so employees can access the automatically updated records instantly.

How Do CRM Systems Work?

  • CRM systems effectively do all the administration work for you, and allow you easy access to this automatically updated database.
  • You can choose a CRM system that has the best features for your business, and select from a range of beginner to expert user options. Pricing is based on your chosen level, functionality, and the number of users.
  • Functionality options for CRM systems include: managing contact databases, sales automation, sales reporting, client management, marketing automation, bulk email features, and more.

Why Use CRM Services?

  • Easy organization. All of your vital business information is well organized and stored in one place. Reduces risk of lost data, and costs of unnecessary administration.
  • Improves communications between your employees and customer. Boost customer engagement and satisfaction plus, increases repeat sales.
  • Cloud storage allows for even more convenience, as employees can access your CRM data from anywhere.

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