• Six Sigma is a methodology that has proven to improve business performance by identifying defects in process control hence increasing profitability.
  • The training programs are designed to cater to people from all types of backgrounds and provide them with useful skills to boost their career.
  • This methodology can be applied in a variety of industries and sectors to improve various business processes.
  • Certification can be done entirely online with a quick and easy registration process, an online exam and instant online certificate.

Levels of Training

  • Introductory –the fundamentals of Six Sigma and how to apply them to your business needs.
  • Yellow/ Green Belt –catered to employees who would like to add Six Sigma to their skill set and implement it along with their other tasks.
  • Black Belt- applying Six Sigma methodology to specific projects. This level primarily focuses on Six Sigma project execution and special leadership within the organization.
  • Master Black Belt – the highest level of Six Sigma certification can be reached after completing all previous levels. Master Black Belts provide guidance and coaching to all lower levels.

What Sets Us Apart

  • By collaborating with us, you can access all the services that the most talented and experienced Six Sigma Training Centers have to offer.
  • We guarantee quality, honesty and transparency and work with only the most trusted Training Facilities.
  • Finding the perfect local Six Sigma Training Centers for your business is completely free when filling out the above form.

About us

Get6Sigma is a free of charge online service that provides small and medium businesses in the UK with quotes from the best Six Sigma Training Centers nationwide, while keeping both your needs and budget in mind. Save not only money, but precious time by letting us find the Six Sigma Training Centers that are within your reach and suitable for the field you are dealing in.

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